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BLS AUTOMATION Ltd. is established in 2002.

Since the establishment BLS is the only representative of LEROY SOMER and CONTROL TECHNIQUES for Bulgaria. Both companies are members of EMERSON INDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION. Since 2010 BLS Automation Ltd. become representative of RIDGID, which is part of EMERSON Proffesional Tools.

Since 2005 BLS AUTOMATION Ltd. is good known with the products of ANADOLU MOTOR and PALME MACHINARY Turkey in Bulgaria and Macedonia- all kind and powers of generators also light construction machinary.


Leroy Somer is leading producer of alternators, AC motors, DC motors, servo motors, reducers, drives and softstarters. You can find Leroy Somer in all known industries in the world.

Control Techniques is part of Emerson and leading manufacturer of motor control and power conversion technology for commercial and industrial applications. Our innovative products are used in the most demanding applications requiring performance, reliability and energy efficiency.


new LEROY-SOMER Motors for electric vehicles

Leroy-Somer has a long history of involvement with the development of electric vehicles.
In 1995, the company participated in the launch of the Peugeot 106 Electric, equipped with a D.C. motor and separate excitation. This technology offered the advantage of maximum motor torque even at low speeds. At the time, the Peugeot 106 Electric took part, in the town of La Rochelle (France), in the largest-ever experiment in Europe to develop a fleet of self-service electric vehicles. This was a proper large-scale test for both manufacturers and equipment manufacturers.

In applications for battery voltages between 24 and 450 V, several technologies are used such as asynchronous motors with frequency inverters, or more recently permanent magnet synchronous motors. These permanent magnet technologies offer new opportunities in terms of efficiency, performance, compact size and noise levels.

Vehicule electrique Leroy-SomerThere is enormous scope for the use of electric motors in vehicles:

  • Traction for light vehicles and quadricycles, heavy quadricycles, tricycles, utility vehicles
  • Traction for cars and hybrid vehicles
  • Refrigeration in lorries
  • Air conditioning in buses
  • Electrification of boats, etc

Leroy-Somer is actively involved in the development of a number of customised projects, including design studies, prototypes, pre-production and mass production.

To meet this challenge, the company has set up a multi-skilled centre of excellence dedicated to electric vehicles, whose design office includes specialists who are fully au fait with the quality standards insisted on by the car industry.

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New for Bulgarian PV market !!!

EMERSON Control Techniques focus is on high output, large scale photovoltaic power plants where our grid-tie inverter systems are used to manage and efficiently convert the energy generated by solar panels so that it can be transported through the existing medium voltage electrical grid infrastructure.


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New from Leroy Somer !!!

Dyneo is new solution for efficiency! Permanent magnet motor and drive gives more. Powers from 0,25kw to 550kw.

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